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Paul Domowitch's NFL Power Rankings (Week 15)

1. Patriots 11-3 (2): Seven of their 11 wins have been by 22 points or more.

2. Broncos 11-3 (3): Peyton Manning has just three TDs and two interceptions in his last three games.

3. Packers 10-4 (1): Aaron Rodgers' 34.3 passer rating vs. the Bills was the lowest of his career.

4. Seahawks 10-4 (4): Defense has given up just 27 points in the last four games.

5. Colts 10-4 (6): For a week at least, the Colts have become Eagles fans' second favorite team.

6. Cowboys 10-4 (7): They're 7-0 on the road, 3-4 at home. Go figure.

7. Lions 10-4 (8): Lions are one win away from just their second playoff appearance in 16 years.

8. Cardinals 11-3 (9): Bruce Arians: "We can still win the Super Bowl with \[fill in the blank\] at quarterback."

9. Eagles 9-5 (4): Does a team that has a league-worst 34 turnovers and has given up 29 TD passes really belong in the playoffs?

10. Bengals 9-4-1 (11): They've beaten the Ravens twice by a total of 10 points.

11. Ravens 9-5 (10): In case you tend to get them confused, John is the Harbaugh brother who plays well with others.

12. Bills 8-6 (15): As Aaron Rodgers will attest, the Bills have one of the best defenses in the league.

13. Chiefs 8-6 (12): Probably not likely, but Chiefs can still make the playoffs with wins over Steelers and Chargers.

14. Chargers 8-6 (14): They finish on the road against reeling 49ers and inconsistent Chiefs.

15. Steelers 9-5 (16): Their defense is 30th is yards allowed per play (6.2).

16. Dolphins 7-7 (13): Ryan Tannehill has taken a big step forward in his development this season.

17. Rams 6-8 (17): Their defense has held five of last seven opponents to 12 points or less.

18. Texans 7-7 (18): Ryan Fitzpatrick has thrown just two interceptions in his last seven starts.

19. 49ers 7-7 (19): Colin Kaepernick has regressed in a big way this season.

20. Vikings 6-8 (20): Teddy Bridgewater has a 103.3 passer rating in his last three starts.

21. Falcons 5-9 (21): Four games under .500 and they're still in the playoff hunt. Is this a great country or what?

22. Panthers 5-8-1 (22): They've been outscored, 191-108, in the first half.

23. Saints 6-8 (26): Rob Ryan's defense had seven sacks, three interceptions vs. Jay Cutler.

24. Giants 5-9 (24): Since his five-interception game vs. Niners in Week 11, Eli has been playing pretty well.

25. Browns 7-7 (23): You're not in College Station anymore, Johnny.

26. Bears 5-9 (25): Still think it was a smart idea to give Jay Cutler a 7-year, $127 million contract, Phil Emery?

27. Jaguars 2-12 (27): Do you think Gus Bradley ever wonders if he should've stayed in Seattle?

28. Jets 3-11 (28): An ugly win over the Titans isn't going to save Rex Ryan's job.

29. Bucs 2-12 (30): They have managed to score more than 17 points three times all season.

30. Titans 2-12 (31): When Ken Whisenhunt took this job, he thought the Titans weren't that far away from being a good team. Boy, did he miscalculate.

31. Raiders 2-12 (29): If you're LA, would you really want this rusty wreck of a franchise in your neighborhood?

32. Washington 3-11 (32): In 10 seasons as GM in Tampa and Washington, Bruce Allen's teams have qualified for the playoffs twice.

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