One day after Carson Wentz's impressive debut, Eagles coach Doug Pederson wants his quarterback to enjoy the moment but also know the next game is a whole new week. Pederson was effusive in praising Wentz for showing rare maturity for a rookie. He also knows the circumstances will be different when the Eagles visit the Chicago Bears next Monday.

"My message to Carson? Obviously, enjoy it. This business is short-lived," Pederson said. "You get a chance to watch the film, make corrections, and we're on to the next opponent. And it's a different set of circumstances. It's like every one of our golf games in here. One day you shoot 75, the next day you shoot 85. You just have to take each game in stride. It's a Monday night game coming up, national spotlight. It's a road game. Noise, the whole thing. Enjoy this one, but we've got to come to work ready to play again."

Pederson identified a handful of impressive throws that Wentz made, from Wentz's 19-yard touchdown pass to Jordan Matthews in the first quarter to a five-yard fourth-down conversion to Zach Ertz in the third quarter. The  coaches prepared Wentz for much of what happened on Sunday, but there were plays that were simply Wentz's talent and understanding of the game coming through.

Pederson said any NFL quarterback can make the throws Wentz made, but it's recognizing when to make the throws and what the protection and defense is in those situations.

"For him to have that kind of poise in the pocket for the first start and really having only four series throughout the entire training camp, you just can't teach that," Pederson said. "The patience he had to let receivers come open…those are the things you see from more veteran-type quarterbacks, where young guys tend to want to scramble in those situations. The poise was tremendous. That's just who he is and I look forward to another opportunity to work with him this week."

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