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Doug Pederson on Sam Bradford: 'He's my guy. ... He's the No. 1 guy'

Doug Pederson's belief in Sam Bradford was unaffected by Bradford's two-week absence, and the Eagles' coach has no plan for a quarterback competition after the team selected Carson Wentz.

"My feelings haven't changed: He's my guy," Pederson said of Bradford on Tuesday. "He's the No. 1 guy. I just want him to embrace that. Let's not look backward. Let's look forward."

Pederson's message to Bradford was to not look over his shoulder, and that Bradford is still the Eagles' starter. Pederson does not expect Bradford to help groom Wentz.

"I expect Sam to not look over his shoulder," Pederson said. "I expect Sam to look forward. He's getting himself ready for the season. He's getting ready for Cleveland.  …That is the message I gave him. No need to look over your shoulder. You're the guy. Let's embrace it, let's go."

Pederson alluded to 1999, when the Eagles drafted Donovan McNabb after signing Pederson to be the starter. He understands the emotions involved and the situation Bradford is in, but he also expects Bradford to be a professional.

In 1999, McNabb was interspersed into games for a few series before he became the starter. It does not sound like Pederson will use that plan with Wentz because Chase Daniel is the No. 2 quarterback.

"That's hard to say when I got Chase Daniel sitting there," Pederson said of playing Wentz.

Pederson emphasized there is no rush to play Wentz, and that Wentz is on board with the plan.

"My plan is to keep developing Carson," Pederson said. "Sam, Chase, Carson. Carson has a lot to learn not just from the playbook, but how to be a professional quarterback, how to handle the media, how to handle Philadelphia, his teammates, get to know his teammates. There's a lot involved. And that's the beauty of having two veteran guys in front of Carson Wentz. That's the plan. Keep developing Carson, keep developing Chase, and get Sam ready for opening day."