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Eagles Celek once again playing through pain

Eagles tight end Brent Celek is not going to allow a broken rib to keep him out of the lineup for Sunday's game at Lincoln Financial Field against the Atlanta Falcons.

Celek, who has participated in 45 percent of the Eagles snaps this year, suffered the injury in last week's 28-23 loss to the New York Giants. Now in his 10th season with the Eagles, Celek has missed just one of 152 games.

He is listed as questionable for Sunday's game but fully expects to play.

Celek tries to downplay having played through a myriad of injuries.

"It's not easy, but playing in the NFL isn't easy either," Celek said after Friday's practice. "Nothing in life is easy but you have to do it and it can be done."

Then downplaying things even more, Celek, 31, added, "It's not like I am the first person who has played with an injury."

No, but he has developed a high tolerance for pain. Here are the injuries that The Inquirer's Jeff McLane listed that Celek has played through during his 10-year career: torn right posterior cruciate ligament, concussion, double sports hernia, torn right medial collateral ligament, bruised left hip, torn right biceps, torn ligaments in thumb, high left ankle sprain, and torn right labrum.

So it takes a whole lot to keep Celek from being in the lineup.

"I got to keep it up, keep going," he said.