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Eagles sign kicker Casey 'Murderleg' Spear as undrafted free agent

Casey "Murderleg" Spear is the Eagles' newest kicker (signed as an undrafted free agent), not a Game of Thrones character or amateur wrestler whose gag is ripping off an opponent's leg and bashing them with it.

Let's do some analysis on this acquisition.

  1. His nickname is "Murderleg."

Wow, that's pretty impressive stuff (spectacular nickname c/o Anchor of Gold's Christian D'Andrea).

Apparently Spear's favorite thing is kicking the dead cow out of a football (averaging 60.6 yards perk kick), then racing down the field at full speed to up his chances of being the one lucky enough to lay a bone-squashing hit on the other team's returner.

Considering the Eagles' current kicker, Alex Henery, knocked in a mere 82% of field goal attempts last season, some fresh blood would be welcome, whether it be Spear's young blood winning the starting job, or the blood of the other team's returner after Spear finishes feeding on him.

Then again, with Spear hitting only 81% of his own field goals in the last two years, maybe the Eagles are more interested in him as a defender. If they can target Spear's power in the right direction, he could be a powerful weapon.

Some experts wonder if a young underdog who goes the extra mile to lay down a sweet hit will catch on in Philadelphia. Those experts have been led off the set and given a leave of absence.