I asked several Eagles players who hit them the hardest in their NFL careers. Here were some of their answers, accompanied by the hits (if I could find them):

Brent Celek: "One time I got hit by Bernard Pollard. I think we were playing the Ravens. He hits pretty hard."

Celek not only held onto the ball after that hit, but he stayed in the game.

Mark Sanchez: "Preseason. I want to say it was either my first year or my second year. We played the Ravens. Ray Lewis came free on a blitz and I just held onto the ball and got smoked. It sucked."

Brandon Graham: "Last year, against Green Bay they had a DT come track me. I didn't see him, and BAAAAAAA!!!! Knocked me out. I mean not knocked out. I fell backwards. Every time I ran down after that I looked for that guy. It slowed me up a little bit. That was the first time I can actually say I kind of 'turned it down' a little bit. I was like 'I don't want to get hit like that no more.'"

Brad Smith: "Easy. Patrick Willis, across the middle. Knocked me out. 2008? 2009? That was before there was an emphasis on helmet to helmet. He caught me pretty good."

LeSean McCoy: "Probably Dashon Goldson, the game where Mac lost the game for us."

Riley Cooper: "New York Jets, Brodney Pool. 2011 or 2012. It was a good one. You can look that one up. That didn't feel too good. Right in my mouth. He just hammered me, bro."

Trent Cole: "I've taken some big hits, only a couple, but I'm usually the one giving them. I'm the hammer, not the nail."

Note: Several players took the "I'm the hitter, not the guy who gets hit" approach, so I didn't include their cop-out answers, but Cole grabbed my shoulder during his answer and told me to print his response, and I'm afraid of him, so...

Nolan Carroll: "Had to have been last year. I was in Miami, and I got crackbacked. Knocked me out. I don't know where it came from or how it happened. I just remember being on my back, and my back hurting, and my neck hurting, and my head hurting. I had no idea where I was. I don't even know who the guy was either. He just kind of caught me. I think I was running after the receiver and I he just got me.

"I didn't even look at the play either later in the week. I just knew my feet were in the air, and I'm looking up at the sky. Man, that was a hard hit."

Darren Sproles: "Had to be from Lance Briggs. I had a little bubble route, He came down the line an hit me in my ribs."

Jeremy Maclin: "Probably Adrian Wilson. Arizona, here, 2011 maybe? He sprained my shoulder. I had a middle of the field route and he was coming from the backside safety. As I went up, reached out, and he thumped me right on the shoulder."

Note: When asked if he didn't count the Dunta Robinson hit because it was cheap, Maclin replied, "It was cheap, but probably the Adrian Wilson one."

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