The stakes are high for the Eagles' Thanksgiving showdown with the Cowboys, as both teams sit at 8-3 and are looking to gain control of the NFC East.

To celebrate the occasion and pump up fans for the event, the Eagles released a new video complete with a Bradley Cooper-voiceover. Cooper is known for his boisterous support of the Eagles - he made a video for the Giants game last month - and now he is at it again.

"This is more than a holiday," Cooper says as Eagles highlights flash across the screen. "This - no, actually, this is a holiday. This is a fall football feast-ival, a Mayflower matinee between our Birds and those lasso-tossing rodeo heads from Dallas... Save me the wishbone, fellas - this year, there's more than ever to be thansful for, and it's time to show the world how hungry we really are."

Check out the video below: