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Eagles-specific NFL Draft betting odds

What's the point of being a draft expert if you can't cash in on your supreme knowledge of what the Eagles will do on Thursday night at Radio City Music Hall? Well, for those of you who are sure you know what will happen, you can soon be rich, thanks to the fine folks over at Betfair Casino, who provided with Eagles-specific NFL Draft betting odds.

Which side of the ball will the Eagles take in the first round?

• Offense: 4/7

• Defense: 5/2

• None, they will trade their pick out of the first round: 20/1

• Special Teams: 100/1

Jimmy advice: The Eagles have traded out of their pick 4 times in the last 10 years. At 20/1, that is amazing value.

Will Eagles fans boo or cheer their first overall pick, regardless of round?

• Cheer: 2/9

• Boo: 13/5

Jimmy advice: I wouldn't touch this bet with a 10-foot pole. "Cheer" or "boo" is so subjective. If there's a smattering of both, who decides if it's a boo or a cheer? Although... If you're going to attend the draft, maybe you can assemble 30 idiots to go to Radio City Music Hall and boo whoever they pick, thus guaranteeing you a big payday.

Who will be the Eagles first round pick?

• Kelvin Benjamin: 5/2

• Odell Beckham: 4/1

• Field: 9/2

• Marqise Lee: 6/1

• Bradley Roby: 8/1

• Cody Latimer: 10/1

• C.J. Mosley: 12/1

• Calvin Pryor: 12/1

• No one - They will trade their pick out of the first round: 20/1

Jimmy advice: Lee and Roby are good values, at 6/1 and 8/1, respectively. I wouldn't be surprised if Roby is the top CB on the Eagles' board. Also, as previously noted, 20/1 for a trade-out is amazing value. One more side note: If the Eagles draft Kelvin Benjamin at 22, I will boo from my sofa.

Who will be the first overall pick?

• Jadeveon Clowney: 2/5

• Blake Bortles: 4/1

• Johnny Manziel: 7/1

• Khalil Mack: 10/1

• Greg Robinson: 12/1

• Teddy Bridgewater:14/1

• Field: 40/1

• Jake Matthews: 80/1

• Derek Carr: 100/1

• Sammy Watkins: 100/1

• Anthony Barr: 200/1

• Taylor Lewan: 200/1

Jimmy advice: I think Clowney will go #1, but in terms of betting value, I like Khalil Mack at 10/1 and Sammy Watkins at 100/1.

Where will Johnny Manziel be drafted?

• Jaguars: 3/1

• Raiders: 5/1

• Browns: 6/1

• Field: 6/1

• Houston: 7/1

• Rams: 10/1

• Vikings: 14/1

• Cardinals: 16/1

• Titans: 18/1

• Cowboys: 20/1

• Buccaneers: 25/1

• Bills: 33/1

Jimmy advice: The Buccaneers signed Josh McCown this offseason, and immediately named him the starter over Mike Glennon, without any competition. That tells me the Bucs don't think highly at all of Glennon. Meanwhile, McCown turns 35 in July, which could put the Bucs in the mix for a QB. Love them at 25/1.

How many QBs will be selected in the first round?

• 3: 2/1

• 2: 9/4

• 4: 5/2

• 1: 10/1

• 5: 10/1

• 6+: 16/1

Jimmy advice: I expect Manziel, Carr, and Bortles to all go in the first round, with a question about Bridgewater. If I had to pick, I'd say 4, but the reward for getting that right, at 5/2, isn't worth it.

Who will be the first QB selected?

• Blake Bortles: 11/10

• Johnny Manziel: 2/1

• Teddy Bridgewater: 7/2

• Derek Carr: 12/1

• Field: 20/1

Jimmy advice: I think it'll be Manziel, but Carr has a cannon arm and good athletic ability. It would not surprise me at all if he were the first QB taken, and 12/1 is great value.

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