On the first actual "practice" at training camp, the Eagles were only operating with 29 players, which does not make for a very active practice. No loud music, no 7-on-7's, not a whole lot of activity in general. That will change once the rest of the vets join the rookies for practice on Friday. Some notes:

• Punter Brad Wing and RB Matthew Tucker reportedly flunked their physicals and were put on the NFI (non-football injury) list. However, they were outside working out with the strength and conditioning coaches, on sort of their own misfit island of out-of-shape professional athletes, away from the rest of the team.

• The QBs practiced taking snaps from under center today. That may not sound like something worthy of a bullet-point, but it is the first time I've seen them do it this offseason. The Eagles have almost exclusively run out of the shotgun to this point.

• During 2 on 3 drills, a TE made a diving catch and Jordan Poyer didn't tag him down. The TE got up and ran, which drew a "You're in the NFL now!" from one of the assistant coaches.

• Earl Wolff had an interception today during 2 on 3's. After practice, Wolff talked about his tackling at NC State, where he was known as guy who did a good job wrapping up ball-carriers. "When I have the chance to make a big hit, I feel like I can, but I'm more of a 'for sure' tackler." Wolff, by the way, has a pretty cool tattoo. It's a intravenous bag in the shape of a football, with the drip tube going into a heart.

• The Eagles were using a nerf football during a drill today. It is supposedly aimed at strengthening receivers' hands. Here's video of the nerf ball drill.

• The trash cans have been assigned numbers. #90 had 6 tackles and a sack today. Great motor. Intimidator.

• After practice, Michael Vick said he would "continue to support the team" if he lost the QB battle to Nick Foles or Matt Barkley. Perhaps Vick was just being ultra-conservative with his answers today, but that was a less than inspiring quote. It's sort of a catch-22. If Vick says he's not going to be happy being a backup, he's a bad guy. If he says he'll defer gracefully to the competition winner, it comes off as passive and/or under-confident. There was probably a way to answer, perhaps that he expects to win the job, while artfully non-answering the actual question, but public speaking isn't always an easy thing. That's not to say that "supporting the team" is bad, mind you, as Seinfeld has taught us.

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