Fletcher Cox had four sacks in his first four games and won the NFC's defensive player of the month in September. In the past four games, he does not have a sack.

"I think I've got to be better," the defensive tackle said. "The main thing is, I had a few chances last week, I had a chance in previous weeks, but I just have to get there. I got them early, and now I hit a wall. I think I'll be all right – I know I'll be all right – I just have to keep pushing and put myself in position to get there."

One factor has been the injury to tackle Bennie Logan. Cox did not use that as a reason because of the way Beau Allen is playing, but Cox and Logan have played together for 3-plus years and they can play off each other.

More of a factor has been the way offensive lines are playing Cox. In the Washington game, for instance, it seemed Cox had four hands on him on every play. He's going to be double-teamed – that's a reality as a Pro Bowler with a $100 million contract – and it's up to him to gets the hands off his body, and for the other linemen to take advantage of those double teams. But Cox said the bottom line is he needs to find a way to the quarterback.

"I talk with my position coach and he says, 'That comes with it,' " Cox said. "I get a slide a lot, and he's telling me to get a set of hands off me and keep pushing. If two people are on me, that means three other guys are getting one-on-ones. And when I do get those one-on-ones, I have to win."