In Carson Wentz's five years at North Dakota State, the Bison won five national championships and went 71-5.

The Eagles already have lost seven games this season. And the season probably won't finish with a championship. So how is Wentz taking the losing?

"Well, for a while I thought he seemed totally unflappable," offensive coordinator Frank Reich said. "Now, in some of the more recent losses, do you sense that this is, 'Okay, he's feeling this one, he's feeling this one?' Yeah, we're all feeling it. I think he was that young, naïve – in a good sense – but still very mature guy who came in and it was like, 'Nothing is going to get this guy down.' But it wears on you. It wears on you. Losing wears on you in this league."

Reich said a stretch like the Eagles are in now requires "mental toughness." It can wear on a quarterback, who can try to do too much as a result. Some of the top quarterbacks endured years leaner than what Wentz is experiencing, too, so the plight should not be overstated. But the intangibles the Eagles value in Wentz will be tested in the final month of the season,

"You have to have the tenacity to fight out of it and not get too down," Reich said. "He has that."


On the question of Wentz's mechanics, Reich said every player needs to work on mechanics, technique, and fundamentals. He did not sound concerned about Wentz's mechanics, and thinks Wentz has shown the desire to improve.

He also did not think Wentz's 11 interceptions could be attributed to only one area.