As always after every Eagles game... 10 awards!

The Second Half Studs Award: Eagles Offense

The Eagles have scored as many points in the second half of their games as any team in the NFL has scored in all 4 quarters. When you play the Eagles, your defense better be in shape.

The Eagles' Early MVP Award: Darren Sproles

Sproles had 178 yards from scrimmage against the Colts, and 85 againt the Jaguars. He has also provided three of their biggest plays of the year to date -- his 49 yard TD run vs the Jags, his 51 yard screen reception vs the Colts, and his bruising 19 yard TD run vs the Colts. Was he worth a fifth round pick? Yeah, you can probably say that.

Big Play Machine: Zach Ertz

Zach Ertz facts:

• Zach Ertz's receptions this year: 26, 25, 26, 27, 14, 21, 24.

• Zach Ertz leads the NFL in yards per catch (minimum three receptions).

• Zach Ertz is tied with Julio Jones for the most receptions of 20+ yards.

• Zach Ertz has as many 20+ yard receptions as 20 NFL teams.

• Zach Ertz has seven receptions this season. All seven were either first downs or touchdowns.

• Zach Ertz smells terrific.

The Gamer Award: Fletcher Cox

Cox was borderline invisible throughout training camp and the preseason. And then, boom, once the games mattered, Cox began balling out. The play he made on Andrew Luck's scramble that left the Colts with a 4th and 2 was such an impressive play, but it won't show up in the stat sheet. For a guy his size, Cox has incredible quickness. And obviously, his forced fumble of Trent Richardson led to an Eagles TD.

The Better Than You Think Award: Eagles' defense

The Eagles allowed 27 points, but they were better than the points might indicate. The Eagles only gave up 4.7 yards per play. To put that in perspective, only two teams -- the Seahawks and Bengals -- allowed 4.7 yards per play or less in 2013.

So how did the Colts put 27 points on the board?

Well, the Colts ran the following number of plays on their five scoring drives: 9, 11, 10, 10, 12. On those five scoring drives, the Colts averaged 6.1 yards per play. The Colts sustained long drives, which is certainly not ideal froma defensive perspective, but the Eagles made the Colts earn their points. The Colts had just one play of 20+ yards, and none through the air.

On the seven drives that did not result in points, the Colts only gained 55 yards.

Chunk Muncher Award: Eagles Offense

The Eagles broke a record last year with 99 plays of 20+ yards. So far this season, they have 12 (six in each game). That puts them on pace for 96 plays of 20+ yards. The Eagles have a chunk muncher offense. They consistently munch up big chunks of yardage, while other offenses have to rely on long, sustained drives.

To note, the Eagles lead the NFL in total offense (439 yards per game) and points (32 per game).

The Cardiac Kids: The whole team

From Dead Zone to Red Zone Award: Chip Kelly, I guess

In their first four trips into the red zone this season, the Eagles came away with zero TDs. They scored on the next three, all in the second half against the Colts.

The Cinderblock Hands Award: Bradley Fletcher

How in the hell did Bradley Fletcher drop that INT in the end zone?

The Ruh Roh Award: Nick Foles

If you're a "glass half full" person, you can explain away Nick Foles' first two performances this season by pointing out that the Eagles are 2-0, and Nick Foles is second in the NFL with 653 passing yards.

But let's be real -- Mr. Foles has not been good. In the first week against the Jaguars, Foles held onto the ball for an eternity, and looked hesitant to let it rip. While he was more decisive against the Colts, his passes were off-target all night, as he flat out missed several wide open receivers.

On the one hand, Foles has to play much better if the Eagles are to be considered Super Bowl contenders.

On the other hand, considering the Eagles lead the NFL in total offense and points, they could be scary good if their QB starts to heat up.

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