During the last minicamp, we observed initially that Eagles center Jason Kelce had used the port-a-potty on consecutive days during practice. On the third day of minicamp, Kelce achieved the trifecta.

Jason Kelce just used the port-a-potty for the 3rd consecutive day. He officially leads the team in potty breaks.

In the aftermath of our hard-hitting journalism, Eagles guard Evan Mathis took to Reddit to proclaim Kelce "Wee Wee King 2014."

When asked if he was aware that he leads the team in potty breaks this offseason, Kelce acknowledged that he is.

"I am, yeah," said Kelce. "I make a trip every 12th period. I'm trying to stay hydrated. The 12th period is not a period that's too important for me. I try to time up (my pee schedule) with that one. I'm holding it for a while. We pound hydration so much into our heads that I try to make sure I'm hydrated when I'm out here so I'm not cramping.

"That's a sports science thing, which I guess can be trickled down from Chip."

In all seriousness, hydration is kind of a big deal. Just ask LeBron James. It's good to see the Eagles buying into Chip Kelly's sports science ideas, and the proof is in the pee.


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