Updated at 3:37 p.m.: Jason Kelce's Twitter account has been deactivated completely. Kelce told Les Bowen that he's (in Les' words) "off social media while Twitter attempts to resolve hacking of his account."

Eagles center Jason Kelce said Friday that his Twitter account had been hacked, leading to a post on his feed stating "Please kill yourself @HillaryClinton."

Kelce said in a text message to Inquirer columnist Jeff McLane that he has emails proving he was hacked.

The tweet at Clinton was posted at 3:27 a.m. Friday. By 7 a.m., all of Kelce's tweets were gone.

Just after 8:45, a tweet appeared on Kelce's feed directing followers to another person's Instagram account. That account was locked, but a link in the bio directed followers to a Twitter account that is unlocked and has just nine tweets and a few hundred followers.

According to Kelce, this isn't the first time recently that one of his social media feeds has been compromised. His Instagram account was hacked a few weeks ago, he said. He posted in his bio there: "Just got account back from being hacked, and the douche deleted all of my photos. Starting anew."