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Maclin on contract: "It will take care of itself"

PHOENIX --Jeremy Maclin confirmed that contract negotiations between his representation and the Eagles were ongoing and that he expected to remain in Philadelphia, but the wide receiver conceded that nothing was written in ink.

Asked if he expected to be back in 2015, Maclin said, "Yeah, I've always said that, but at the same time, man, you got to understand what's going on."

Maclin was making the interview rounds on Radio Row at the Super Bowl when he stopped to chat for a moment about his future. The 27-year old's one-year contract expires in March, but the Eagles and Maclin have been talking about a long-term deal since before the end of last season.

"I'm excited about what the future holds," Maclin said on Friday. "Once again, both sides have made it known what we want to do. I think it will take care of itself."

If a contract can't be worked out, the Eagles could always use its franchise tag on Maclin. The one-year price for a franchised receiver hasn't been set, but it could be in the $12 million range. Maclin is likely seeking a five-year deal that would net over $50 million, with over $20 million guaranteed.

The Eagles have yet to the use the franchise designiation since Chip Kelly became coach two years ago.

"I guess I would really have no choice," Maclin said if Kelly opted for the tag.

Maclin said he has kept open the lines of communication with Kelly since the end of the season. He said he had no idea who was spearheading contract negotiations for the Eagles after the front office shift that placed Kelly in full control over player personnel and moved former GM Howie Roseman strictly to the business side.

There has been speculation that the Eagles may not be able to keep both Maclin, if he were to have a high cap number next season, and running back LeSean McCoy, whose cap number is around $12 million. McCoy has said that he was willing to restructure his contract, but that he won't take a pay cut.

"I don't even feed into the reports about it's either or," Maclin said.

Maclin had a career year in 2014. He caught 85 passes for 1,318 yards and ten touchdowns.