Nelson Agholor and Nigel Bradham walked together to the Eagles' first full-team training camp practice Thursday, marking a return to the field for two players who have made headlines for their conduct away from it.

Agholor practiced with a cleared name but a remorseful conscience, while Bradham still has a pending legal matter but expressed confidence his name will soon be cleared.

In June, Agholor was accused of sexual assault by a dancer at a South Philadelphia strip club. No charges were filed after an investigation by the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office and the Police Department did not find sufficient evidence.

Bradham was arrested and charged with aggravated battery after he allegedly punched an employee during an altercation at a Miami hotel last weekend.\

Both players declined to share their versions of events in their first public comments since the incidents.

Agholor expressed remorse Thursday for making the "wrong decision" and putting himself in a "poor situation." Although he would not go into detail about what happened, he was introspective about how it has affected him.

"I put myself in a poor situation, and the most important thing for me was to realize that no matter what's going on, if I make the right decision, I won't be there," the receiver said. "To be honest with you, there were points I thought an opportunity that was given to me to play for this organization and to have the life I have could have been taken from me. So it allows you to be more grateful and to have a good perspective on life."

Agholor, a 2015 first-round pick, said he "fell short of my mission" and has an obligation to be better. He said his parents were disappointed, but they were proud of how he responded. When asked what's going to change, he said he must understand that he has an opportunity each day "to take care of the life I have and to be a good person." He said the incident refocused him, although there were some unnerving moments.

"For a few days, I sat back and I was in shock," Agholor said of first hearing the allegations. "But after a while, I had to realize I put myself in this position."

Although his name was cleared, a pristine reputation was sullied. Type Agholor's name into Google, and what turns up are items about a sexual assault investigation. Agholor understood the ramifications of the allegations, and the work he must do to rebuild his image.

"At the end of the day, what I did gives everybody enough to say, `Hey, you did something wrong,' " Agholor said. "They have every right to do that. But as a man I've got to do stuff from here on out to show who I am as a person and the type of man I could be."

Bradham's situation is more complicated because there is no resolution yet. Coach Doug Pederson allowed the linebacker to practice with the team, and Bradham does not know whether he will need to miss any time while dealing with the legal process. Bradham has a pre-file conference set for Aug. 2, per the arrest affidavit. That is a scheduled day off for the Eagles.

Bradham disputed the account that the assault was unprovoked.

"That makes no sense," Bradham said.

Still, Bradham would not reveal what happened, although he discussed it with Pederson. He said "most definitely" when asked whether his name will be cleared. He apologized to Pederson for causing a distraction during training camp.

Bradham, who is expected to start this season, wished that fans had a chance to see him on the field before they knew him for an off-field incident.

"You don't want that to be part of your legacy at any time throughout your career," Bradham said. "And this is my first year here, just getting started, and I definitely didn't want to start out with that being out there."