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'Nightmare' LeSean McCoy draws comparisons to Barry Sanders from his peers

In NFL Network's Top 100 list, which is an annual poll conducted by the NFL in which players vote on their peers, LeSean McCoy finished as the fifth best player in the NFL. However, more interesting than his placement among other NFL stars, in my opinion, are the words of his peers.

Several of the Eagles' 2013 opponents compared LeSean McCoy to former Lions great Barry Sanders. NFL's "Top 100" video of McCoy is available on their website, but here is what McCoy's peers had to say about him.

"His vision, his moves… He's a nightmare. I remember personally, playing against the Eagles, he jumped in the hole, he (saw) me in the hole, he (stiff-armed) me, jumped back out of the hole, and ran for 10 yards. The first guy is always going to miss, the second guy is going to miss him, and possibly a third guy is going to miss, so all 11 guys have to run to the football. Sometimes all 11 guys miss. He's like a Barry Sanders. He's all of that in one."

-          Tyrann Mathieu, S, Cardinals

"I ain't seen anyone pull moves like that since Barry. That's a high thing to say. Now I'm not saying he's up there, but I'll say he's got some moves. He'll leave you in the dirt."

-          Danny Trevathian, LB, Broncos

"He's a modern day Barry Sanders. I haven't seen a guy like that probably since him. He just stands in one spot and moves his feet side to side and everybody just falling off him, and he'll go. You can't guess with that guy, because if you get out of your gap, he's right back where you were just standing. You've seen your Marshall Faulks, and those guys, these Hall of Famers. That's who he's on his way to be. I think in five or six years, maybe 10 years if they re-do the most elusive backs of all time, I think he'll be in there."

-          Gerald McCoy, DT, Buccaneers

"It's almost like a video game. He's playing basketball on the football field. Speed, vision, agility, He doesn't need a wide hole. All he needs is a little crack and he can take it 80 yards."

-          Ryan Mundy, S, Bears

"It's like watching Shady McCoy on the basketball court. You're trying to go for tackles, and he'll just juke you like Allen Iverson."

-          Jamaal Charles, RB, Chiefs

"Check out his Twitter feed. His Twitter name is 'cut on a dime' for a reason. He's able to cut and accelerate and get north and make guys miss in space and still be at top speed. I think (that) is a tremendous attribute to have and he's probably the best in the league at that."

-          Fred Jackson, RB, Bills

"When we play the Eagles it's all about contain, contain, contain, contain. Set the edges, and keep that dude in the middle of the field. And the problem for us is, we're trying to defend it, and they run the read option. And we don't know if it was supposed to be a give, or if he was supposed to go right or supposed to go left, so as a defense we try to look at blocking schemes and say, 'Yo, this is the play.' But when you have LeSean McCoy in the backfield, you don't know what the play is and you don't know how to study it. That makes him a very dangerous weapon."

-          Mark Herzlich, LB, Giants

"He has amazing vision. LeSean will aim for a certain point in the defense and he'll start heading that way, and he's just doing that to bait them, and he cuts it back, and boom, he's gone downfield."

-          Evan Mathis, OG, Eagles

"He's got that good old 'spidey sense.' There's no real way to really attack this guy, all you can kind of do is keep inching forward, and not take any of the bait that he gives you, because he's a nightmare."

-          Darryl Tapp, DE, Lions

"The things that he does on the field are just ridiculous. He can turn a five yard loss into a 60 yard touchdown. He can catch the ball out of the backfield. He showed this year that he can stick his head down there and get the tough yards, and he's emerging as a leader. And I think that's the type of guy you want around your team."

-          Jeremy Maclin, WR, Eagles

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