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Redskins learn lesson: Don't make Nick Foles mad

In the fourth quarter against the Redskins, as we all saw, Nick Foles was the recipient of a brutal cheap shot by Redskins defensive lineman Chris Baker on an interception return. You've all seen this a few dozen times by now, but in case you've been in a cave for the last day, here was that hit:

Foles writhed in pain on the ground for several minutes while Jason Peters went after Baker, inciting a brawl. The interception turned out to be an incompletion, as the ball hit the ground. The play was reviewed and the Eagles kept the football. Foles would eventually be OK, or rather, more than OK on the ensuing drive. Several players noted after the game that Foles was fired up in the huddle to re-start their drive, urging his teammates to make the Redskins pay.

With Peters ejected from the game, Foles' offensive line looked like this:


A play-by-play breakdown:

Play 1:

The Eagles ran the ball with LeSean McCoy, but a holding call set them back 10 yards.

Play 2:

Foles was now facing second and 20. The Eagles would not run the ball for the remainder of the drive. On Foles' first throw after being hurt, he ripped off a sideline bullet to Jeff Maehl, getting 16 yards back after the holding penalty.

Play 3:

Foles now had a manageable third and 4, but the Eagles liked the matchup of Zach Ertz on Keenan Robinson on the outside, so Foles took a shot down the sideline. This was a beautiful touch throw, and the 'Skins were guilty of pass interference.

Play 4:

Quick screen to Riley Cooper for two yards.

Play 5:

Getting the Robinson on Ertz matchup on the outside again, Foles let it rip. This ball is juuuust overthrown a bit, but certainly not a bad throw.

Play 6:

The throw of the day. Facing third and eight and under heavy pressure, Foles hung in the pocket and delivered another great sideline throw while being hit.

That was the throw that prompted Chip Kelly to call Foles a "tough sucker." Here's a shot of the hit he took on the throw:

Play 7:

Short throw to Cooper for four yards.

Play 8:

And then finally, Foles made his fifth throw of more than 15 yards down the field on the drive, connecting with a wide open Jeremy Maclin on a throw that was on the money even if he had been covered reasonably well.

During the offseason, Buzz Bissenger wrote the following about Nick Foles:

But unless he stops being chickenshit and goes into the middle, he will never guide the Eagles to the place that only tantalizes us. We are tired, Nick. We are already dependent on you. So man up to be the man.

I saw nothing "chickenshit" about Nick Foles yesterday.

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