According to TMZ, who obtained legal documents in a financial dispute between DeSean Jackson and his former agent Drew Rosenhaus, Jackson says he accepted a large bribe to sign with Rosenhaus back in 2009.

Jeff McLane of the Inquirer had reported in April that an arbitrator ruled that Jackson owes Rosenhaus $516,415 in loans and fees. Jackson's argument seems to be that the money he received from Rosenhaus was not a loan. Rather, it was more like a bribe offered by Rosenhaus to get Jackson to hire him as his agent for his next contract negotiation.

In the docs, DeSean says he shouldn't have to pay Drew a dime because a huge chunk of the cash was given to him to induce DeSean to use D.R. in his next contract negotiation. 

Why is that a big deal? Because according to DeSean, it's a huge violation of NFLPA rules -- for which the NFLPA punishment is that DeSean wouldn't have to repay a single cent. 

Now for the cool part ... part of the money he received from Drew came IN CASH -- stuffed inside a Louis Vuitton bag he received just after midnight on Nov. 10, 2009.

It was reported a day later that Jackson had fired his previous representation, and intended on hiring Rosenhaus.

I was just told by a league source: DeSean Jackson has fired DeBartolo Sports as agent, and intends to sign with Drew Rosenhaus.

Rosenhaus is of course best known to Eagles fans for his media session at Terrell Owens' house in 2005, in which he comically declined to answer any questions surrounding Owens' fallout with the team.

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