The Eagles are indeed listening to trade offers from other teams around the league, specifically from the Patriots and 49ers, for DeSean Jackson, according to a report from Derrick Gunn of CSN Philly.

The report states that the Eagles are looking for "a third round pick and potentially more" for Jackson, per a source. The report also reveals that the Eagles tried to trade Jackson last offseason, and were willing to accept a "middle-round pick," but were still unable to find any suitors.

The thinking that Jackson could be on his way out of Philly was never merely speculation, as reported by on March 1st, as it was believed by some in the Eagles organization that Jackson did not fit within the locker room culture that Chip Kelly was trying to create. However, Gunn's report is the first that definitively says the Eagles are ready to swing a deal for Jackson, and specifically notes what the Eagles are looking for in return.

The Eagles' offseason moves so far have exemplified a team that had already made the decision to move on from Jackson weeks ago. They showed urgency in re-signing Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin, ensuring that neither player made it to the free agent market, and then traded for a versatile offensive playmaker in Darren Sproles.

On the surface, a third round pick might seem like inadequate compensation for a 27 year old wide receiver coming off a Pro Bowl season in which he caught 82 passes for 1332 yards and 9 TDs. However, depending on how badly Jackson's reputation has deteriorated around the league, a third round pick might be optimistic.

The Eagles, specifically Howie Roseman and Chip Kelly, have deflected questions regarding Jackson, and the reason why is simple. The "rumor" had legs.

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