Let the boos begin.

According to NFL reporter Adam Schefter of ESPN, Philly is favored to host a key event on the pro football calendar next year.

Of course, there's history.

There's also precedent: The city hosted the NHL amateur draft in 2014, and the locals did their part and lustily booed then-NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and every pick selected by every team not named "Flyers."

Especially when the Penguins selected:

The buzz on social media was, let's say, mixed.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, in Chicago for Thursday's draft, said Wednesday that he's "aware" Philly is one of the team's bidding to host the event.

"I know they're interested in it," he added. "And we're interested in Philadelphia, but among the other cities. We've got a lot of interest. We want to sit down after we're done and see what the best decision is for the NFL."

Of course, the timing is interesting: after trading up to the No. 2 spot in this year's draft - presumably to select highly touted quarterback prospect Carson Wentz - the Eagles as of now will not have a first-round selection in 2017.

So, theoretically, the fans won't have the opportunity to express their opinion on their favorite team's decisions.

Maybe this will allow the townsfolk to be a little more inviting.

But probably not.

Staff Writer Zach Berman contributed to this report.