NFL Network's Heath Evans is the worst.

Way back in January of 2013, Evans wrote that the Eagles' hire of Chip Kelly could be the worst ever. His article was awful then, and looked a lot worse after Kelly turned a 4-12 team in 2012 into a 10-6 team in 2013.

After Kelly's impressive first season in Philly, rather than just sitting in his wrongness and being wrong, Evans blamed his editor at for changing his story to say something he didn't intend. He took this new position even though there was an accompanying video of Evans looking directly into a camera saying the exact same things he said in his original crappy article.

I repeat: Heath Evans is the worst.

It only took until Week 3 this season for Evans to start chirping about the Eagles once again. This time, he said the Eagles were handed a victory because of two bad calls in the fourth quarter. Here's video of Evans dropping knowledge bombs:

"They're 1-1," said Evans. "They have a 2-0 record, but they're 1-1. They were given a game, you know, and uh, I have a big problem with that as a player."

Continue, Heath...

"There was (sic) two calls late in that game that changed the outcome of that game and that makes me very unhappy as a player."

OK, we get it. You're a player. Thanks for telling us twice, Uncle Rico. Anything else?

"I'm not all that impressed with the Eagles as a whole. When you look at the game tape, what they do well, what they don't do well, they're nowhere close to the third best team in this league. They're probably not even top 10."

So the Eagles are the luckiest bunch of lucks to ever luck.

Anything else, Heath?

"Andrew Luck, uh, Chuck Pagano, they handled it with the utmost of cla...uh...class. I mean, TY Hilton, I mean, listen. Andrew Luck! Watch his response at the end of this! He sees it and then watch, he's gonna turn around hold on and hope the B roll...Oh! the B roll didn't go long enough!"

Utmost of class? B roll? What the hell are you talking about, Heath?

OK, so let's take a look at the call Evans is referring to, the "pass interference no-call" on Brandon Boykin. The play in question is memorialized here:

There were three possible calls the officials could have made here:

• Illegal contact

• Pass interference

• Defensive holding

Let's review them all individually:

Illegal contact:

Since the contact occurred within the 5 yard chuck zone, it is not illegal contact.  This was confirmed by NFL spokesman Michael Signora:

"The contact on the play was within five yards of the line of scrimmage, so illegal contact does not apply in this situation."

Here's a screen shot to confirm:

Not illegal contact.

Pass interference:

The NFL rulebook states the following about pass interference:

"Defensive pass interference rules apply from the time the ball is thrown until the ball is touched."

As you can see in the screenshot below, the ball is still in Andrew Luck's hands (circled in yellow) as TY Hilton is already falling to the ground (circled in green).

The contact made after the throw was not enough to warrant a flag, per Signora:

"Pass interference and defensive holding are judgment calls and not subject to instant replay review. In the judgment of the officials, there was not enough contact for a flag to be thrown."

Not pass interference.

Defensive holding:

There is actually an argument to be made that Boykin held Hilton. It's a fairly weak argument, in my opinion, but there is an argument. If you take a screen shot at the exact right moment and really blow it up, it appears that Boykin has a hold of Hilton for a fraction of a second. (You can blow it up here).

But again, watch the play in game speed. If anything, if Boykin held Hilton, he might have stopped him from falling over.

Would you really call that holding? Do you really want anything this close to holding to be called on every single play this season? Because if so, you prefer a version of football that is unwatchable.

And again, to repeat Signora's response:

"In the judgment of the officials, there was not enough contact for a flag to be thrown."

At best, this was a bang bang call that could have gone either way. The Eagles were certainly not "given a game."


Shut up, Heath Evans. You're the worst.

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