Ever considered a career in the exciting world of NFL scouting and personnel? You just might have what it takes to work for Chip Kelly down at the NovaCare complex!

Take this simple quiz to help us establish whether you will fit into the NFL's most dynamic workplace environment:

1. When evaluating a player in the draft process, which of the following questions seems most pertinent?

A. What is his 40 time?

B. How are his onfield instincts/recognition skills?

C. Did we recruit him at Oregon?

2. The greatest computer/video game of all time is:

A. Assassin's Creed

B. Call of Duty

C. The Oregon Trail

3. If you could ask one question of our medical staff during your interview process, what would it be?

A. Is there any reason to think Nick Foles will not be a durable quarterback, should he continue as the starter?

B. What are we doing to make sure concussed players don't return to the field prematurely?

C. Will star Oregon corner Ifo Ekpre-Olomu be 100 percent by September?

4. If you're walking to the cafeteria and some dude runs up to you with a bunch of spreadsheets he says can predict how many draftable offensive linemen will be available after the fifth round this year, you:

A. Thank him for this valuable information and postpone lunch while you get to know him better.

B. Ask him if he can expand his analysis to other positions.

C. Toss his spreadsheets into Mr. Lurie's "Go Green" recycling bins and tell him: "Howie, the equipment room is back that way."

5. "Culture" is:

A. The beliefs, customs, arts of a particular society, group, place, or time.

B. Something you grow in a prepared medium, like a laboratory.

C. Something that defeats scheme, every time.

6. Feb. 24 is important because:

A. The NFL Scouting Combine will have just ended, and there will be much important data to discuss.

B. It represents the 212th anniversary of the famous Marbury v. Madison Supreme Court decision.

C. Phil Knight's birthday. Time to part-ay!

7. What do you see in this symbol, "0"?

A. Zero, nothing.

B. A shape that has as many sharp corners as the Eagles' secondary.

C. It suggests both a prestigious track history, highlighted by Steve Prefontaine, and the shape of Autzen Stadium, in Eugene, Oregon.

8. The most important piece of practice equipment to use when evaluating a wide receiver is:

A. The JUGS ball machine.

B. The stopwatch

C. The blocking sled.

9. The coach is about to address the media, and you see him in the hallway. You've just received detailed information about an injured player, including the expected amount of time he'll be sidelined. What do you do?

A. Give the coach a concise but complete rundown, so he can inform the media and the fans.

B. Send the coach a text with this information, so he'll have all of it handy as he speaks, and inform him of what you've done as you cross paths.

C. Run in the opposite direction yelling, ala Sgt. Schultz, "I know nothing! Nothing!"

10. What do the letters "M and M" suggest to you?

A. A hard-shelled chocolate candy

B. Phonetic spelling of the name of a rapper who was born Marshall Bruce Mathers III.

C. The initials of the greatest quarterback in college football history.

If you answered "C" to every question, you just might be our new personnel person! Come on down for an interview. The security gate password is "Duck."

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