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'We're from Philadelphia and we fight': Chip Kelly gives Eagles fans new mantra

Because I work the early-morning shift on the sports desk, I wasn't able to stay up for all of the festivities in the Eagles' absurdly fun blowout of the Bears on Sunday.

When I woke up, I was greeted by two things: the 54-11 final score, and this tweet from Jimmy Kempski:

Chip: "We're from Philadelphia and we fight."

And I thought: Holy cow, that was one of the best quotes I've ever seen from a Philly coach. Which is saying something, because Chip has never been afraid to fire off zingers from the podium since he came to the Eagles.

But add to it the timing of a postgame press conference...

... and the fact that Kelly's team laid that many points on a Bears team that was supposedly playing for a division title ...

... and the fact that Kelly is willing to adapt to changing dynamics in a game and in a season, which Andy Reid never did ...

... and the fact that all the old-school football thinkers who hate Kelly's modern ways and sports science because they want things to go back to what made them feel comfortable in the Buddy Ryan era are looking increasingly foolish as Kelly continues to show that he actually knows how to win in the NFL ...

(Apologies for the long sentence, but you get the idea.)

With all of those thoughts rattling around in my head before sunrise this morning, I stumbled over to my computer, and ran a Twitter search for the quote to see how much it was being talked about.

Welcome to legendary status, Chip.

(By the way - yes, I know that Kelly isn't actually from here. I'm not either, as many of you know. The team I used to root for choked away a win yesterday that would have given the Eagles the division title. Not that I'm bitter about letting Tony Romo claim a win that made him look clutch for the first time in his life, or anything.)

So here's what I'm wondering. How does Chip Kelly's mantra compare to some of the other great quotes in Eagles history? Send a tweet to us at @phillysport with your favorite - or your least favorite - and let us know how Kelly stacks up.

I'll post the best answers below.

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