Naming winners and losers the day after the first round of the draft is an exercise in futility, but hey, it's fun, so here goes...


The Rams got themselves a physical behemoth along the OL in Greg Robinson to take on the extremely tough defenses of the NFC West, and then got a steal in Aaron Donald at the 13th overall pick. Two immediate starters on Day 1 -- Hard to beat that.

Whoever tied up Jerry Jones and locked him in the closet while they made the smart pick of Zack Martin at 16 instead of the flashy one of Johnny Manziel deserves a raise.

With Marques Colston and Jimmy Graham taking attention away from opposing defenses, Brandon Cooks has the potential of doing amazing things in the Saints offense. They're loaded with receiving weapons.

The Browns got a physically gifted CB, a franchise QB, and picked up an additional pick from a bad team in round 1 next year. Nicely done, Brownies.

The Raiders sat tight at 5, and beast pass rusher Khalil Mack fell to them. In round 2, they'll have a shot at strong armed and underrated Fresno State QB Derek Carr.


The Bills made a ridiculous trade. They traded their 1st round pick (9th overall) in this draft, as well as their 1st and 4th round picks in 2015 to the Browns for the 4th overall pick. They got a great player in Sammy Watkins, which is fine and good, but they're more than a one great WR away from contending. Terrible.

The Richie Incognito mess continues to hurt the Dolphins, as they were forced to overdraft Tennessee OT JaWuan James because they're light along their OL.

The Colts traded their 1st round pick during the 2013 season for Trent Richardson. That move is looking like an absolute disaster.

That Robert Griffin III trade isn't looking so good at the moment. As a reminder, the Skins would have had the #2 overall pick in the draft if they hadn't expended three 1st round picks and a 2nd round pick on RG3.

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