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P.K. Subban tells a pretty entertaining story about Chris Pronger

Former Flyers enforcer Chris Pronger left quite a few impressions on opposing NHL players.

Former Flyers enforcer Chris Pronger left quite a few impressions on opposing NHL players.

Some impressions were good while others were black and blue.

But before his career was cut short due to issues with concussions, he left an indelible mark on Montreal Canadiens star P.K. Subban.

In his cover story with Sports Illustrated, Subban detailed his first encounter with Pronger, which took place during his first NHL game back in February 2010. Flyers fans remember that season well, as it ended with a trip to the Stanley Cup Final.

Before any of that, however, Subban felt the need to introduce himself with Pronger.

From the story:

In his first NHL game, a 3—2 loss in Philadelphia in February '10, Subban challenged towering Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger, perhaps the nastiest player of his generation, during a scrum at the end of the third period. "He's got one guy in one hand and one guy in another," Subban says. "I come right in the middle, grab him and say, 'Let him go, let him go.' And he didn't say anything. I say, 'I'm not scared of you.' He says, 'God, your breath stinks. Can you get out of here?' "

Subban takes a swig of sparkling water and continues the story. "Next night we're playing them in Montreal. The puck gets rimmed out of the zone on a power play, and I'm in front of the Philly bench. I stop just before the red line, getting ready to rim it back around after our forwards tag up. As I'm winding up I look over, and the player coming out of the [penalty] box is Pronger. All I see coming over my shoulder is orange. He's coming to kill me. So I follow through with my shot and as I recoil, I kinda duck down over my right shoulder and slip out of a check as he starts to throw it. He trips over my back leg and falls into the boards face-first. As I'm backing away, I see [Flyers wing] Ian Laperrière, and he's got a funny face, like, Oh, my God. And I'm laughing and Pronger's yelling, 'You bailed! You bailed!' If you can believe, the words out of my mouth were 'Suck it, Prongs.'"

Subban may have gotten the upper hand on that particular day, but Pronger eventually got the last laugh, as Subban and the rest of the Canadiens fell to the Flyers in the Eastern Conference Finals.

[h/t to Deadspin]