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Amaro: Fans only care about wins and losses

They did it. They got all the Philadelphia sports general managers in the same room, on the same stage, for a panel at the Rothman Institute Sports Summit. Now we just wait for them to form Philly Sports Voltron and destroy our enemies.

Dan Gelston of the Associated Press was there, as we can see in the many, many stolen tweets that follow.

No, instead of a giant robot, we got talking, which is fine, I guess, especially if it includes Howie Roseman talking about getting his "ass ripped."

Now, all those Mark Sweeney and Hunter Pence and Wilson Valdez shirseys are all balled up under beds. It's a different world out there. Now everybody's wearing Nick Foles shirseys and sliding into each other's DMs.

I mean, if you're a fan of a team, then you want them to win and don't want them to lose. Unless you're trying to get a draft pick, but even then it's a gray area, ethically. So as a fan with no control over the team, what should you be caring about, if not wins and losses?

  1. Player health

  2. Color of uniforms

  3. Stadium food

  4. Derek Jeter

Power to the loyal soldiers who stick with the team when it's bad - I think most people would claim to do so, even if they don't go to as many games. Maybe that's the goal here - guilt trip people for not going to games and adding revenue to the team they love, despite the team being bad and at times unwatchable. That's brilliant.

However, Amaro was candid about the state of the team and the roster choices that got them to this point.

It's interesting he says this now, at the end of a season in which Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard have all played in at least 137 of 144 games. Carlos Ruiz has only made it into 98, but a 35-year-old catcher finishing the season with 100+ starts and hitting .258/.353/.386 is good mileage, too.

As weirdly healthy as the older players have been this season - A.J. Burnett leads the rotation in starts - obviously, the breakdowns came earlier, whether it was Utley's knees, Howard's Achilles, or Rollins' speed. Amaro remains charmed, while tight-lipped, by the fans' desire to know what he's going to do about it.

Oh, right. I forgot one.

  1. Accountability

On top of that, Amaro also swore that scouts are using statistics to make decisions, while Howie Roseman blamed him for ruining the "untouchable" status delivered to GMs who bring the city a championship.