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Bobby Abreu scooped up by confused Mets

Bobby Abreu was a story during Spring Training. Though he couldn't field or hit, hiis slash line was outrageous, and the Phillies were just the sort of pretty bad-looking team with numerous injuries on which he could find a bench spot. Plus, he had already played for them from 1998-2006 and was/is 40 years old.

Abreu didn't make the club, but he will be making an appearance on a Major League roster this season - and may even face his two-time former NL East team. Say hello to the newest New York Met, Bobby Abreu

Newest Met Bobby Abreu.

What are the Mets doing? Well, they're having a horrible year. Probably not as horrible as the Phillies' year will be, but certainly nothing impressive. They'll make pick-ups like this all season long, when necessary.

Then again, there are stats like this out there.

Including errors, Bobby Abreu reached base 84.2% of the games he played. Including errors, Willie Mays reached base 83.8% of games played.

Getting on base is the persevering trait of the trained eye. As long as he keeps walking, Bobby Abreu may just still employed in the Majors. What team couldn't use one of the most likely potential base runners ever?

The Phillies, that's who.