The Phillies win on Wednesday night is still a win but Maikel Franco's game-winning hit is no longer a hit.

Major League Baseball announced on Thursday morning that Franco's knock up the middle was a fielder's choice. Aaron Altherr, who was on first base with Franco batting, never touched second base and the Giants tagged the bag for the force out. The ruling gives Franco one less hit for the season.

The Phillies were celebrating the win in right field as the Giants scurried to pick up the ball and tag second for the second out of the 12th inning. The umpire ruled Altherr out, but the official scorer used the MLB rule book an hour after the game was finished to determine that the play was completed once the winning run scored and the batter reached first base.

Altherr said he felt terrible after the game, but thought he was off the hook when he arrived Thursday morning at the ballpark. And then the ruling changed again.