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Roy Halladay hints at comeback after striking out Alex Rodriguez-esque hitter

While the Phillies bullpen again looks formidable, the rotation has a few dents and bruises that make every starters' appearance outside of the training room feel rather precarious. With Cliff Lee out and guys like Aaron Harang and Jerome Williams suffering intermittently - not to mention Cole Hamels' up and down performances this spring - there is not a whole lot of room for error left.

Fortunately, a familiar former Phillie seems to be plotting a comeback at just the right time.

That whole "retirement" thing was just a phase! It turns out Roy Halladay was one strikeout away from coming back to save the Phillies, his appearance in training camp this year as a "special instructor" serving merely as a clever cover for his true intentions. And he's been playing in a league witout steroids, either, so his healing has been completely natural.

Welcome back, Doc.