The regular season has yet to start and the Phillies are already rife with on- and off-the-field issues.

Cole Hamels could miss the first month of the season with a shoulder injury. Ryne Sandberg and Jimmy Rollins appear to have issues with one another. And now major league scouts are tearing the Phillies apart with their early reviews.

According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, one scout said the Phillies are "painful to watch."

Another added, "They're awful."

A third said, "Their window didn't close slowly - it shut."

The Phillies are 5-11-2 so far in spring training, worst in the National League and next to last in all of baseball. The key words there being "spring training."

Even if it is the spring, the hits just keep on coming (figuratively speaking, because the offense is still pretty bad) for a team that had little enthusiasm from its fans to begin with.