Phillies pitchers and catchers report to Clearwater, Fla., this morning. They'll take part in the first official workout of the 2014 season tomorrow.

In today's Daily News, I examined five pressing questions that face the team as camp opens. Among them was the team's durability issues.

The Phillies have played 648 regular season games since the 2009 World Series. The four position players that remain - Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins and Carlos Ruiz - have started just 116 games together.

You may have already read that on twitter, where I posed that question this morning. A popular reply among the tweeters: well, what's the Phillies record in the 116 games those guys all started together in the last four years?

Your wish is my command:

In the last four seasons, the Phillies are 68-48 when Howard, Utley, Rollins and Ruiz were in the lineup together. So, 20 games over .500 with the "core four" position players that remain from the World Series teams.

In the last two seasons, however, the Phillies are 21-21 without those four players. Of course, another rather important name was missing from the team for a large chunk of time in those two years, too: Roy Halladay.

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