Home plate umpire Bob Davidson stopped Tuesday night's Phillies game in the middle of an at-bat to eject a heckling fan seated behind the visiting dugout.

Davidson called time in the sixth inning, removed his mask and walked towards the San Francisco dugout. It first appeared that he was going to have a word with the Giants. Instead, Davidson pointed to the stands and ordered a fan to be removed.

The umpire told a pool reporter that the fan was repeatedly yelling a sexual innuendo and telling the Giants players that they "suck."

"That's when I turned around and said 'You know what, get rid of this guy.' You could have your wife, girlfriend, kids - they buy tickets," Davidson said. "They don't have to come here and listen to that."

"And people cheered me. Which is unusual in this town for me," Davidson said.

Security guards quickly came and escorted the fan out of the ballpark. The Phillies said the fan was not formally ejected, but left on his own after being confronted by security.

"I started laughing and Bob said 'I don't know how long we were going to have to listen to that guy, but I put an end to that," said Phillies catcher Cameron Rupp, who was behind the plate when Davidson called time. "First time I've seen that happen."

Davidson ejected a Milwaukee fan in 2010 for using a homophobic slur against a visiting player.

Here's the video from Tuesday night: