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Andrew Bynum is a ninja

Now we finally know what Andrew Bynum spent all his time doing when he was sidelined during his entire stint with the Sixers. Well, other than bowling, dancing, and changing his hairstyle.

He was becoming a ninja. No, really.

Atlanta Hawks assistant coach Darvin Ham, who worked with Bynum during his time with the Lakers, told the Indy Star that the center has undertaken a new workout that is, well, different.

"He has these ideas about some new ways of training. Some stuff he threw at me," Ham explained, before dropping the real gem.

"It is a ninja workout that few have seen, and no one has conquered. I'll put it like that."

Immediately, images of a seven-foot, 300-pound Andrew Bynum dressed from head to toe in ninja garb practicing karate kicks and swinging a sword pops into mind.

And there are so many questions:

What kind of ninja workout?

Did the person who invented it conquer it, or is it just impossible?

How did Andrew Bynum gain knowledge of such a workout that few have seen, and how is he able to do it physically if he couldn't bowl without breaking?

Apparently, Bynum has some serious ninja skill however.

"[Andrew] was one of the best pupils at it, and he totally embraced it," Ham concluded, leaving everyone to scratch their head and wonder what the hell just happened.

Now, in addition to everything else to watch for in the second half of the NBA season, be sure to keep an eye out for any extra ninja-ness when Bynum is eventually patrolling the paint for the Pacers.