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Andrew Bynum may miss full season, again

Andrew Bynum, famous in Philadelphia for sitting on the sidelines, may be doing exactly that again next season.

According to a report from the New York Post, the seven-foot center is "seriously contemplating" sitting out the entire 2014-15 NBA season in order to undergo a German-based knee therapy called "The Regenokine Program."

Bynum played in 26 total games last season for the Cavaliers and then the Pacers, after staying sidelined for the entirety of the 2012-13 season for the Sixers.

The program Bynum is interested in has not yet been approved in the United States, and would require an extra-long recovery time. However, if successful, it may add some longevity to a career that is quickly crumbling.

Also interesting in the report from the Post is the fact that the center may already have a suitor post-program.

"If he's healthy, Phil [Jackson] will be interested," Bynum's agent David Lee stated. "Phil knew how to tap into Andrew. They got along famously."

Jackson is currently the President of the New York Knicks.

Bynum had the most successful years of his career playing for the Lakers under Jackson, where he was a part of two title teams. Success has since eluded him however, as apparently no one else has been able to "tap into him" the way Jackson did.

While it is apparently too early to write Bynum's NBA career off just yet, you have to wonder how many opportunities one guy can get.

At his best, Bynum was a frontcourt force, and it is easy to understand why teams would be interested. Considering his recent track record however, getting back to the glory of his days in Laker land would require a pretty impressive return to form from Bynum.