My look at some of the best and worst performances and happenings from the Oklahoma City Thunder's 103-97 victory over the 76ers on Wednesday night at the Wells Fargo Center:

Best performance: Only a fool wouldn’t give this award to Russell Westbrook. The Thunder point guard had a game high of 32 points to go with co-game highs of 12 rebounds and nine assists. Ten of his points came in the fourth quarter, and nine were scored with the game on the line late in the period.

Worst performance: There’s no way that Victor Oladipo could have avoided receiving this award. The Thunder shooting guard had a hard time shooting and holding onto the ball. He scored 10 points on 4-for-16 shooting. He also finished with three turnovers.

Best defensive performance: Richaun Holmes, the Sixers reserve center, finished with a game-high three blocks in just 11 minutes, 52 minutes of action. The second-year player also finished with six points on 2-for-2 shooting and three rebounds.

Best performance by a Sixer: Joel Embiid easily gets this one. The Sixers center totaled 20 points, seven rebounds and two blocked shots. He made 7 of 8 free-throw attempts in his regular-season debut after being sidelined his first two seasons because of foot injuries.

Worst statistic: This goes to OKC’s three-point shooting in the first half. The Thunder made 2 of 10 threes during that time.

Best statistic: The assist-to-turnover ratio for Sixers point guards Sergio Rodriguez and T.J. McConnell. They combined for 16 assists and just one turnover.

Worst of the worst: This goes to the Sixers fan who was ejected in the first quarter after he gave Westbrook a double-barreled middle finger after the all-star scored. Come on, dude. You are better than that. Your actions just fed into the stereotype of bad Philadelphia fans. We don’t need that.

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