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Brown: "extreme challenge" for 3-bigs situation to work out

It was an obvious question – one that a lot of folks within the 76ers' organization and the team's fan-base wanted the answer to.

Is Brett Brown confident that things will work out if three healthy centers in Nerlens Noel, Joel Embiid and Jahlil Okafor all remained on the roster throughout the season?

"I think it would be an extreme challenge," the Sixers coach said following Saturday's practice.

Brown's response kind of goes in line with what Noel believes, who is adamant that this is a tough situation for the three bigs to be in. However, the coach wouldn't say that it's impossible to work.

"If you went to our owners, if you went to [president] Bryan [Colangelo], if you went to our team, me, we appreciate it's a challenging situation," he said. "To tick off on untenable, to tick off on it's impossible, I'm not going there.

"I think it is most definitely a challenging situation."

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