Joel Embiid keeps stressing his desire to become an NBA all-star to date his mystery crush, who happens to be recording artist Rihanna.

The 76ers center mentioned his intentions again after scoring a team-high 25 points Tuesday in a 93-91 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves. Earlier in the day, the 7-foot-2, 275-pounder added his second straight rookie-of-the-month award.

Embiid was asked if he wanted to sweep the monthly awards and win rookie of the year.

"Rookie of the year would be great, but I don't think it's going to help me get to my crush," he said. "Hopefully, the All-Star [Game] I'll get to do that."

Shortly being drafted in June 2014, Embiid reached out to Rihanna on Twitter, looking for the date. Embiid said that Rihanna said no and told him to come back when he's an all-star.

So Embiid has been asking his Twitter followers to vote for his selection to the All-Star Game so he can secure a date.

The NBA has used fan voting to select the All-Star Game starters since the 1974-75 season. However, this season, current players and a panel of media members will also have a say.

The fans will account for 50 percent on the vote. Players and media will each make up 25 percent.

There have been 45 rookies who have been selected to the All-Star Game. Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin was the last rookie to accomplish the feat in 2011.

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