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Hinkie believes in "optionality"

Most 76ers fans have their own opinion about reigning rookie of the year Michael Carter-Williams being traded to the Milwaukee Bucks for the Los Angeles Lakers' protected top-five draft pick.

So Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie was asked Friday if he believes more about acquiring assets, than watching the development of players.

Hinkie paused for a moment for giving this response.

"I believe a lot in optionality – a lot," he said. "I believe a lot in flexible. I believe a lot in making a decision as late as you possibly can to gain as much information as you can."

Decisions to trade Carter-Williams and KJ McDaniels weren't made until 1 p.m. Thursday.  And the trades weren't made until four to five minutes before the 3 p.m. deadline.

McDaniels was shipped to the Houston Rockets for point guard Isaiah Canaan and a second-round pick.  Once he arrives in town,  Canaan will assume the starting position vacated by Carter-Williams.

"We talk a lot about being a triple-option quarterback," Hinkie said. "Hold the ball in the fullback's gut until you read the defensive end. Hold it as long as you possibly can. That is really important in part because you know so much more. Sometimes you don't. Some of you know exactly what you knew before. Sometimes the world changed and you know a lot more than you did."

In other words, the Sixers held onto Carter-Williams and McDaniels before realizing they didn't fit into the long-term plans.

Carter-Williams was in his second season here after being selected 11th overall in 2013.

Hinkie said he learned a lot about the former Syracuse standout during Carter-Williams' 500-day tenure with the franchise.

"He only left here because there was a way to move our program forward," Hinkie said. "Not for any other reason, and he did nothing wrong. It is possible for two things to be really valuable, both Michael and something else."

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