At this point in the season, it's safe to say that the Sixers are going to land in the lottery, and, in all likelihood, they are going to have a pretty good pick.

This is a good thing for the Sixers, as the 2014 NBA Draft class appears to be teeming with talent and has been consistently lauded for its depth.

The decisions made on draft day this year will drastically shape the future of the franchise, and it is important that the Sixers use their picks, especially the prominent ones, wisely.

With that being said, it seems that the Sixers have their eyes on a particular player.

According to ESPN's Chad Ford, the Sixers have Kansas' Andrew Wiggins sitting atop their big board heading into March Madness, and have had him there all year long.

From Ford:

In the midst of a 20-game losing streak, the SIxers have had Wiggins atop their board all year, and believe he'd be the perfect complement to Michael Carter-Williams, Nerlens Noel, and Thaddeus Young. The athleticism on that team would be crazy.

Crazy indeed.

Wiggins' athleticism is off of the charts, as evidenced by ESPN's recent Sports Science video on him, and he possesses unlimited professional potential.

Heading into the college season, Wiggins was the consensus number one pick for the 2014 draft, but strong seasonal showings from others like Joel Embiid and Jabari Parker have shifted some of the spotlight. Still, Wiggins' superstar potential is unparalleled and he would be a prize pick for any team.

The Sixers currently possess the league's second worst record, behind only the Bucks.

While Wiggins may be the Sixers' top target, he is not the only option. Ford mentions Duke's Parker and Kentucky's Julius Randle as other potential picks for the Sixers.

The prospect of adding a potential top talent like Wiggins this offseason has been one of the few bright spots in this struggle of a season for the Sixers.