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Michael Carter-Williams a smiles during All-Star festivities

NEW ORLEANS – One-tenth of a second. That was the losing margin for the 76ers Michael Carter-Williams and teammate Victor Oladipo (Orlando Magic) to winners Damian Lillard (Portland) and Utah's Trey Burke, 45.2 to 45.3.

"I had a fun time out there, it was great competing and I hope to be back next year," said Carter-Williams. "I'm having a great time, just being here is a blessing."

Despite the loss the rookie is having a can't-stop-smiling weekend so far, having competed in the Rising Stars game on Friday. He is going to stick around for the rest of the weekend and soak in the All-Star game Sunday before heading back to Philadelphia for a Monday night practice.

"Just to appreciate the game and feel blessed that I'm able to be here and play with these guys," said MCW of his feelings. "One day I hope to be able to play in the All Star game."

Friday, Carter-Williams said that he was looking forward to seeing some celebrities. He got a dose of some Saturday.

"I saw Kevin Hart over there," said MCW. "A bunch of people, Nick Canon.

Earlier in the night new commissioner Adam Silver had his first All-Star press conference. He replaced David Stern on February 1. A question about teams tanking the season was brought up, a topic that has been lumped to the Sixers this year.

"My understanding of tanking would be losing games on purpose and there's been absolutely no evidence that any team in the NBA has ever lost a single game or certainly in any time that I've been in the league, on purpose," said Silver. "And, to me, what you're referring to, I think is rebuilding and I'm not sure it's just a function of the collective bargaining agreement. I think there's a balance with any team of the need to look out to the future and at the same time put a competitive product on the floor.

"And I think we're seeing in the league right now is there's no question that several teams are building towards the future. And I think their fans understand that as well. If there was any indication whatsoever that players or coaches somehow were not doing their absolute most to win a game, we would be all over that. But I don't believe for a second that's what's going on. I think we have the most competitive players in the world, the most competitive coaches, and I think they're doing everything they can to win games."

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