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Noel meets with Sixers coach

As expected, Nerlens Noel flew back to Philadelphia on Friday to resume working out under the 76ers' supervision.

The reserve center had surgery to repair inflamed tissue above his left knee on Oct. 24. He has been rehabilitating under the supervision of Kevin Wilk, the associate clinical director at Champion Sports Medicine in Birmingham, Ala.

He met with Sixers coach Brett Brown in the coach's office Saturday to talk about the plan for him.

"I'm not able right now to lay out the perfect road map to everybody," Brown said. "But it was a great conversation. It was good to see him as we always do with our players and me with Nerlens. I've been with him a long time. It's very clear and candid what his role and what's going to happen. How are we going to try to make it work."

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