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Sixers announce new slogan, uniform for 2015-16 season

It seems that the Sixers are prepared to move on from the 'Together We Build' phase of their restructuring plan.

On Tuesday morning, the organization announced a new branding initiative, as it began to sell season tickets for the 2015-16 season.

The initiative includes a new uniform, as well as a noteworthy new slogan: "This Starts Now."

Where the Sixers preached patience with their current slogan, it seems safe to say that their new slogan will evoke excitement.

'This Starts Now' will replace 'Together We Build' as the team's slogan, potentially signifying a shift in organizational expectation. The past two seasons have been all about building, developing, and acquiring assets, with actual outcomes of games taking a backseat. After the coming summer's asset acquisition is complete, the team may finally be ready to begin its climb back to contention, hence the 'This Starts Now' mantra.

In a video announcing the slogan shift, the organization emphasized that the bumpy ride that the past two seasons have been is sure to smooth shortly, and that an end goal is coming into focus.

The voiceover announcer in the video stated:

"We know that if you do what everyone else does, you get what everyone else gets. We're different, and we do things differently. The roller coaster we're on isn't for everybody. Some people prefer an easy train ride; not us. Not in Philadelphia. Not if we want to do something special. We want the ride."

The team's play has been improving as of late, signifying a right step in the direction of development.

"These young players are getting better; a lot better. We smile watching highlight-reel dunks and blocks, and we keep coming. We know respect isn't given in these league, or especially in this town. It is earned. We will fight for it. We know this is the way. This is the path. This is the plan, and there is only one ultimate goal. This starts now."

The ultimate goal is, of course, an NBA Championship, and for the first time in Sam Hinkie's tenure with the team, the organization is encouraging the fan-base to think big, rather than to dwell on development.  It might also be an acknowledgement that the team is ready to have shorter-term expectations placed upon it.

In addition to the new slogan, the team also announced a uniform change for the 2015-16 season. Exact details weren't revealed, but a video posted by the team on Twitter might provide some hints:

The team is clearly trying to create a new image for itself starting next season, likely to disassociate from the losing it has been associated with over the past couple seasons. The team employed a similar approach in the late 1990's, when it switched from its classic uniforms to a more modern look after selecting Allen Iverson in the 1996 NBA Draft and expecting some success.

At the start of next season, the Sixers will have a vast young pool of talent, including whoever they get in the 2015 Draft, copious cap space, and financial flexibility. With their new slogan and uniform change, the organization is acknowledging the progression of the plan, and an increase in expectation. Exciting times are ahead for the Sixers.

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