Many Philadelphia fans were familiar with the McDonalds promotion that gave away free Big Macs if the Sixers scored over 100 points. People may be less familiar with the Papa John's promotion that started prior to this season entitled 'Sixers win, you win.' This promotion gives fans 50% off of their online order following a Sixers win.

The level of unfamiliarity with Papa's promotion is likely due to the fact that, well, the Sixers have yet to win a game, so no one has been able to utilize the whole half-off thing.

Papa John's noticed this issue, and quickly altered the promotion to reflect a more attainable milestone than wins for the Sixers squad.

The deal still stands, but now it becomes valid every time the struggling Sixers score 90 points in a game, something they have done five times so far this season. Since the slogan remains 'Sixers win, you win,' that means that the Sixers scoring 90 points, regardless of outcome, is a win for them in Papa John's book.

The Sixers may be the first team in history to force a corporate partner to alter a promotion due to futility.

The offer of a $7.76 large, one-topping pizza with promo code 'SIXERS776' still stands.