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Thaddeus Young to Cleveland is not 'out of the question'

Thaddeus Young may be approaching his last days as a member of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Late last week, I discussed the possibility, and the likelihood that the city's favorite multi-faceted forward may be moved for future considerations come draft day, and as the big day approaches, it continues to look likely.

It was reported last week that the Sixers had contacted the Cavaliers about a trade that would send Young and the draft's third-overall pick to Cleveland in exchange for the top pick in the draft. The Sixers are interested in the No. 1 pick in order to ensure the selection of Andrew Wiggins, the highly-hyped freshman out of Kansas.

While the trade scenario seemed unlikely, as the Cavs have their eyes set on a star for the future of the franchise, a la Kevin Love, ESPN's Chad Ford is reporting that such a swap is not out of the question.

From Ford:

"The Sixers have been actively trying to trade up to make sure they land [Wiggins], and I'm told a swap of No. 1 for No. 3 and Thaddeus Young isn't totally out of the question -- as long as the Cavs have some reasonable belief that the Bucks would pass on Joel Embiid at No. 2."

While the Bucks passing on Embiid at two may not be likely, it is potentially plausible. Jabari Parker is described as one of the most NBA-ready prospects in the draft and, in looking to turn the team around, the Bucks may prefer Parker to Embiid, who, despite promise, may be more of a project.

While Milwaukee is far from having their mind made up, as they still have workouts throughout the week, they are reportedly impressed with Parker. Also from Ford:

"Not only is Parker the most NBA-ready of the prospects, but the [Bucks] were impressed with his maturity and desire to play in Milwaukee."

In reality, the only thing certain at this time of the year is uncertainty, and many scenarios remain in play for the 7-6.

What we do know, however, is that in his short stint with the Sixers, general manager Sam Hinkie has shown that he is not afraid to move a familiar face within the franchise if it will improve the future outlook of the organization. So while it still seems unlikely, there remains a possibility that the longest-tenured Sixer will be headed to Cleveland come draft day.