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Tony Wroten wants the Sixers to wear throwback jerseys

With two NBA titles to their name since moving to Philadelphia, along with multiple other NBA Finals appearances, the Sixers have history. In the face of what is set to be another struggle of a season for the Sixers, third-year guard Tony Wroten wants to relive some of that history in the form of throwback uniforms.

In an Instragram post earlier this week, Wroten posted a collage of photos of Philadelphia icon Allen Iverson wearing various Sixers uniforms. Under the post, Wroten wrote:

"Man, we need to start wearing some Sixers throwbacks next year. We have [some] cold ones. #Sixers_Throwbacks #Allen_Iverson #Many_More"

The Sixers' uniform as currently constructed was adopted in 2008, shortly after the original departure of Iverson. The team's previous uniform, which is the one Wroten references in the post, debuted in 1998 and featured a modern-looking logo that incorporated a star and a basketball. This jersey-style became synonymous with Iverson, and is thus a fan favorite.

Throwback jerseys are a good way to pay homage to history. The Sixers actual on-court product may leave a bit to be desired from the fan base this season, but their uniforms don't have to. In addition to a uniform from the "Allen Iverson era," the uniform with the cascading stars from the Charles Barkley/Shawn Bradley era is another one the team should bring back.