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Upcoming opportunities for Sixers' first win

After a lopsided loss to the Spurs on Monday evening, the Sixers sunk to 0-10 to start the season. While the record may not be completely representative of their talent as a team, as they dropped several close contests and were without reigning Rookie of the Year Michael Carter-Williams for the first seven games, they remain the only team across the league's landscape without a win.

While the first eighth of the season hasn't been comely, the Sixers still sit several games away from the all-time futility record to start a season, which was set by the 2009-10 iteration of the New Jersey Nets, who dropped their first 18 at the season's start.

The '09 Nets went on to tally 12 wins on the season, and avoided the worst record ever, which, for a full season, of course belongs to the '73 Sixers. In order for the Sixers to avoid being on the wrong side of history again they must win one of their next nine contests, a task that, with their current crop, may be easier said than done.  Nonetheless, a look ahead on their schedule shows a couple opportunities where the '14-15 Sixers could potentially pull out a win and avoid the history books.

Boston is a struggling squad themselves, and far from the talented team they were just over two years ago when they knocked the Sixers out in the seventh game of the conference semifinals. Rajon Rondo is the only familiar face from that '12 team, and while he continues to stuff the stat sheet, he can't do it alone. While Jeff Green is a solid perimeter player, Boston's lack of depth and frontcourt options makes them vulnerable.

If Wroten and Carter-Williams are able to get it going attacking the basket and creating opportunities for others, the Sixers could have a chance to pull it out over the Celtics at home. Plus, wouldn't it be fun to have the first win come against Evan Turner's team?

Right off of the bat, no, the Sixers don't have an answer, on either end, for Carmelo Anthony. The thing is, outside of Melo, the Knicks don't have all that much going for themselves either. If Hollis Thompson, K.J. McDaniels, and whoever else Brett Brown may throw at Anthony can manage to limit his offensive output and force other Knicks to make plays the Sixers might be able to keep it close, and even pull it out in the end.

Brooklyn is the better team, but in this matchup the Sixers may have an advantage: speed. The Nets - built around Kevin Garnett, Deron Williams and Joe Johnson - are an elderly, methodical team, 20th league-wide in fast break points per game. The Nets also don't have a ton of depth. Thus, if the Sixers can use their plethora of players with young legs, spearheaded by Wroten and Carter-Williams to push the ball and attack the basket, they may be able to tire the Nets out and give themselves the upper hand in the contest.

The Timberwolves are battling injury issues, and despite being a young, talented team, they have yet to gel as a unit out on the court. Ricky Rubio, the centerpiece to the Wolves' offensive attack, is out for the foreseeable future, leaving rookie Zach LaVine in charge at the point position; a role he may not yet be completely ready for. The Wolves are a talented team, but they are beatable. K.J. McDaniels on Andrew Wiggins is a rookie battle to look forward to.

Under normal circumstances, this game would be on the list of games that the Sixers would be least likely to win, however injuries to the Thunder's two superstars make a Sixers win slightly more feasible. With Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook both missing serious time to start the season, the Thunder have struggled to stay afloat. They are currently 3-8, 13th in an extremely deep Western Conference. The loss of their stars exposes the team's lack of depth and their inexperience, similar to the Sixers.

Three of the Thunder's starters - Lance Thomas, Jeremy Lamb and Steven Adams - have never played major starter minutes, and they are prone to mental mistakes, leaving the door open for an upset opportunity. If either Westbrook or Durant is back in the Thunder lineup by then however, an upset won't be expected.

The matchup with the Thunder sits nine games away from where the Sixers currently sit at 0-10. Aside from the games mentioned above, the Sixers face off against the Suns, Blazers, Mavericks and Spurs in that nine-game span. If they are unable to produce a win during that period they will again find themselves in the record books for the wrong reasons.