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3 calorie-crushing kettlebell moves

Have you put your weight loss goals on hold until the New Year?  Don't wait until January to tackle those pesky pounds. Tell Santa you want to trade in your jingle bells for some kettlebells this holiday season. Trim more than just your tree with this calorie crushing kettlebell workout.

Quad Lifts

12-15 repetitions per side
Carve your core muscles and lean your legs with this ground-based exercise.  Leg lifts also help strengthen weak lower back muscles.

Step 1. Stand tall with the abs engaged, shoulders back and foot looped into the handle of the kettlebell.
Step 2. Before lifting the kettlebell, secure the equipment by curling the toes up around the handle.
Step 3. Pull the leg up into a 90 degree angle at the hip. Hold for 2 counts, then repeat.

Kettlebell Side Bend

10 repetitions per side
Sick of sit-ups? While crunches and sit-ups target the tummy, there are better exercises to strengthen this area without compromising the safety of your neck and lower back.

Step 1. With feet hip-width apart, hold the kettlebell in your right hand and bring the left arm into an overhead position.
Step 2. Maintain a locked elbow joint for both arms as you hinge slightly back, and out, at the hips.
Step 3. Slowly lower the weighted arm until you come close to grazing the floor with your kettlebell.
Step 4. Hold for 2 counts. Concentrate on your core muscle as you pull your upper body back into the starting stance. That is one repetition.

Sumo Squat

12-15 repetitions
If you want lean legs and a well-built booty, get low and cop a squat.  This wide stance squat targets the muscles of the inner thighs to help firm and tighten your tush.

Step 1. Stand with feet hip-width apart, pointing the toes slightly out to the sides.
Step 2. Hold the kettlebell leveled at the chest, with the arms tucked close to the body.
Step 3. Hinge back at the hips, until the thighs are slightly lower than parallel to the ground.
Step 4. Push through the heels and hips to return to the starting stance

Don't wish for it, work for it.

Earn it.

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