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A quick, high-intensity Thanksgiving day workout

Did you know that Americans consume roughly 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day? Whether you want to blame your post-snacking slumber on tryptophan, or a day's worth of pigging out on pumpkin pie and gravy grub, one thing is for sure - exercise is a must! Before you start roasting, mashing and gobbling, fry fat with this HIIT holiday helper circuit.

Drumstick Wobble

10-12 repetitions
Start by standing tall, shoulders back, with the core engaged.  Balance on one leg as you hinge back at the hips, into a deep squat.  Slowly walk the hands out into an extended plank (hands positioned past the shoulder line).  Hold for two counts, then walk the hands back in the reverse order.

Form Fixer:

  1. Protect joints by pushing back at the hips, not forward at the knees

  2. Keep core tight to avoid drooping at the hips

Reverse Lunge Turkey Twist

10 repetitions per side
If you want to better your balance and enhance muscular strength and stability, add a little twist to your traditional lunge. Take a step back with the left foot, resting all of your body weight in the heel of the right foot. Slowly twist your torso in the direction of your front (right) leg. Alternate sides.

Form Fixer:

  1. Do not let the knee extend past the toes

  2. Rotation at the waist should be slow and controlled

Side-to-Side Dish Dash

60 seconds
The side-to-side dash requires an object to serve as your divider when jumping from left to right.  This can be anything from a pen, to your dog's leash.  Place your designated divider on the ground and position your body to the side of it.  Leading with your right foot, take a jump over the hurdle, followed by a hop back to the right side. Challenge yourself by increasing your speed and/or height of your jump.
Safety Note: Keep your eye on the divider to avoid injury.

You don't need a wishbone to keep your body happy and healthy this holiday season.

Earn it.

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