Upon downloading the Fitness Buddy: 1700+ Exercise Workout Journal app for iPhone, my first thought was "where do I start?" The front screen greets you with a calendar onto which you can enter the exercises you complete. At the bottom of the screen are four main categories:

Overview provides the aforementioned calendar, allowing you to track each day's exercises and activities.

Exercises separates activities into nine separate categories, including core, lower and upper body, shoulders, arms and cardio. You can also search exercises by muscle group, while choosing and designating favorite routines.

Workouts was perhaps the most interesting section, with different exercise routines divided into numerous categories. There are beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert level workouts; but also kettlebell, resistance band, and body-weight specific programs from which to choose. Athletes training for a specific sport can choose from one of "the big four (baseball, basketball, football and hockey) as well as tennis-designed routines.

Music allows you to import songs from your own library of downloaded material into to create workout-specific playlists.

The "More" section allows you to change account settings, track weight and body metrics and provide feedback.

Again, the workouts provided were the most interesting feature of the App, as you can choose your level and desired body parts to exercise. From there, the app recommends a variety of exercises complete with a recommended number of sets and repetitions, capped off with photos that demonstrate proper technique for performing the workout.

All in all, the Fitness Buddy provides an abundance of resources, information and data tracking for a modest $1.99 price. It's hard to imagine using each and every feature, but there is certainly no shortage of options from which to choose.

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